The FSBO Campus wants to help you by offering: 


A website dedicated to your home.

Your home will have it’s own website for potential buyers to view pictures and get information about your home. Not only will there be a website but this website will be marketed to 40 real estate social networking sites to expand the exposure of your home to thousands!  Your home will also be syndicated to popular real estate sites such as Zillow and Trulia.

Easily share your website across multiple social media sites such as, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

CLICK HERE –  to see a website example


Create YouTube videos that will have your home on the 1st page of Google. 

We have found that since Google owns YouTube, YouTube videos are much easier to get ranked on the 1st page than websites.  To leverage this knowledge, we will create a video with multiple versions and optimized for multiple search terms local buyers are likely to use to get them to see your home. 

Example 1 Click Here 

Example 2 Click Here



Posting Ads to Craigslist

Craigslist is the primary online advertising for many Real Estate agents.  The reason is over 90% of buyers begin their search for their new home online and Craigslist is one of the most popular places for buyers to search for their new home.

We will post the ad for you and continue to re-post the to keep your property on the 1st page of the Real Estate section. 



Text Messaging with Call Capture

Buyers want as much information as possible. Picture yourself as a potential buyer. You are driving in a neighborhood and you come across a house of interest. Hanging from the For Sale Sign you see a sign rider that reads, "Text For More Info." You immediately pull out your cell phone and send a simple text message to the number on the sign rider. Instantly you receive property information on your mobile phone, without picking up a flyer and without getting out of the car! Once the buyer texts for more information, their phone number is captured and sent to us so we can contact them and offer to set up time for them to view your home. 


A FREE home information flyer…

Don't waste time trying to create flyers for your new listing. We create  an informative flyer that you can provide to prospective buyers when they visit your home. Even if they are not interested potential home buyers know other potential home buyers. The informative flyer will allow them to pass along information about your home to others. Of course the flyer will have the text code and website shown.



FREE Call Screening for Pre-Approved buyers…

Showing your home to unqualified buyers is a waste of time and energy for you. Make sure before you clean up your home and take time out of your day to show your home to a potential buyer that they are qualified to purchase your home. When potential buyers call to schedule a showing they will be pre-screened to make sure they are qualified or we will assist them in getting qualified for a home purchase. This will also provide additional safety for you and your family.

Read More About Pre-Approvals 


But why do we do this?

Actually there are several reasons,

We are convinced with our knowledge base we present and excellent service we provide in helping you market your home, we will have the opportunity to assist you with the purchase of your new home.  Additionally we want the opportunity to work with the potential buyers that are interested in your home in getting the financing they need to purchase your home.  

When you think about it we can market and sell your home for you – with you keeping your For Sale By Owner label – and not being paid on your sale but we can still make money.

Here’s how simple it is – when you sell and begin looking to buy you’ll probably need to be pre-qualified for your new home loan – guess who we hope you’ll use?

Bottom line – of all the people that look at your home there can only be ONE!

However, for us if we talk to 20 potential buyers and one buys your home – that one is yours, but the other 19 we have a chance at working with them finding either financing or work with them on their house hunting journey - that’s an incredible you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your’s scenario. a win win…



Let us market your home to the world using the latest system, tools and strategies.  

Call today 866.435.6553

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